Christine Buff, LE, CPLC
Licensed Esthetician
The Best You
Achieve it, Believe it!
Christine Buff,LE,CPLC
Who We Are
Welcome to The Best You. We are an advanced, up to date full service Spa Clinic with the latest FDA approved equipment to add the ultiminate experience for your face and body. We are located in the upper level of Cuts on the Ridge at 847 Ridge Rd in Webster, NY right near Rt 104. We are here for you and for your specialized Skin Care needs in order for you to have the best and most relaxed experience so you may leave your treament session refreshed and feeling pampered and spoiled. 
Our mission is to provide you with the utmost expertise, skills and quality of treaments possible and promoting you to be The Best You and to recapture  your youthful look that you would like to maintain or reverse the signs of aging. We exclusively offer our trademark facial Le Magnifique which has been offered since 2008 and featured in New York magazine. You will not find it in any spa anywhere else in the world. We welcome you to visit as our guest and suggest you call and make your appoinment as soon as possible.
What We Do